Bella & Lily, an indie/pop band hailing from St. Louis, burst onto the music scene with an array of original pop songs. Having grown up in a family of musicians, painters and writers, sisters Bella and Lily Ibur gravitated toward music at an early age. Bella started singing before learning to walk and sang to communicate as an opera diva sings her life on the stage.  By five Bella took up piano and a few years later began saving for a Baby Taylor guitar she had her eye on.  

Lily was playing the drums by kindergarten and soon began borrowing her sister’s guitar, paving the way for Bella & Lily. Ukulele and mandolin also worked their way into Bella and Lily’s musical repertoire. The band Bella & Lily is rounded out by Jharis Yokley (drums), Tony Zerbolio (bass), Josh Kohn (lead and rhythm guitars), and Jake Brookman (cello). Over the past several months the two have focused on creating new material in New York, Nashville, Columbia, and St. Louis.